The scope of the project included the design of the Swimming Pool, Patio Terraces, Gazebo and Bathroom Addition to a house in an exclusive Residential Project in Caguas.

The clients desired an expansive patio terrace area in order to entertain large groups, but at the same time, the terrace could not appear to be disproportional to the property area. In addition, the owners requested the landscape areas to be limited and require little maintenance. Therefore, the grass areas were reduced.

The rear yard sloped down from the house to the property line, but since the yards expanse was considerable, it allowed the design of the Swimming Pool to be perpendicular to the house. This geometry permitted the Gazebo to be placed at the far end of the swimming pool, framing the views of the countryside that this property affords. The location of the pool creates an axis with the Dining Room that ties the patio terraces with the covered Terrace of the house and permits it to be appreciated from the interior of the house.The Bathroom facilities and the Swimming Pool filter pump room were located under the Gazebo. It was decided to take advantage of the remaining space under this area to locate a Guest Room.

The Architectural style of the design ties this addition to existing house. It was decided to step the terraces to connect with the Guest and Bathroom areas. Water features were added to the Swimming Pool to double as a Fountain and augment its aesthetic appearance.

  • Location: Caguas Real Home Resort, Caguas, P.R.
  • Year: 2003
  • Size: 12,000 sq. ft.