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Mission Statement

To Design Projects large or small, residential or commercial with the same care for detail and planning. We strive for quality and environmentally conscious buildings.

We, in Evelio Pina & Associates, are very conscious of the present conditions of Our Planet and aim to design projects that environmentally responsible.

Our Projects have always addressed these concerns; it is evident in the Projects that we have been in charge of, as for example, Villa Montana Resort in Isabela, Alborada in Ponce and many Private Residences, among others.

In Villa Montana we designed the First Phase in 1996. Here we implemented very sound environmental strategies in order to maintain the natural resources, such as trees and the topography, intact. We designed the Villas, Restaurant, Accessory Buildings and Streets in a way to affect existing trees as little as possible. We were able to locate construction around the existing trees and were able to save 97% of the trees. Those that unfortunately were impossible to save were substituted with the planting of numerous new trees and a very lush Landscaping.

All the buildings in Villa Montaña were designed with maximum energy savings by utilizing foam insulated walls in the construction. These maintain the interior of the Villas cool and reduce the air conditioning loads required to cool the spaces. By using strategies such as cross ventilation and high ceilings the units keep a very pleasant temperature. Plenty of natural light enters the Villas to minimize the need for artificial lighting during the day.

This project was designed to reuse all sanitary water, by treating it and utilizing the same for the irrigation of the gardens and landscaping.

Before the USGBC U.S. Green Building Council was founded we were already addressing concerns that are now requirements for their LEED (Leader in Energy and Environmental Design) Certification.

Likewise we have implanted similar strategies in our other projects. La Arborada in Ponce is an apartment building complex that consists of 5 buildings with 80 apartments. Here we planned the site to maximize the green areas, thereby affecting the site as little as possible. The Buildings are arranged around a park, in the center, where typically developers locate parking lots. Instead we designed the parking for the residents under the buildings, in semi –basement spaces and provided the access thru a street that runs along the periphery of the site, providing pockets for visitors’ parking spaces, arranged within the landscaping. In essence we created a park with buildings around it and with that we could save the existing trees and provide a natural space for the residents to enjoy nature and intermingle socially.

The apartments were designed in a way to provide views to both sides of the building, which in turn provides maximum cross ventilation. This ventilation is by the use of interior courtyards that provide plenty natural lighting to every space of the apartments. Here again the ceiling are high to maximize natural ventilation, by dissipating the heat.

Currently in all our projects we design, we implement these strategies. We include green roofs to collect rain water and provide cisterns, to not only save this valuable resource, but also as a measure to subtract this water from the rain sewer system that as we know, is very critical here in Puerto Rico.

At the moment we are designing a house that will use a geothermal system for air conditioning with heat exchanging capability to heat the water of the house. We maximize natural lighting and wherever possible ventilation. And provide for photovoltaic cells to be installed in order to generate electricity for the residence.

We are concerned with Our Planet’s health and that is why we use our talents to design projects that protect our environment.