Esmeralda del Mar is envisioned as an exclusive residential community, designed as an eco-sensitive development with the amenities to cater as a resort destination
the architectural style is a modern-minimalist style with a nuanced, Greek Isle feel recalling the splendors of Santorini and Mykonos.

The master plan describes a hillside villas development of 40 to 60 structures with up to 140 homes.

Each structure shall be arranged to include four homes per building cluster.

Esmeralda del Mar will have two clubhouses, one at the beach …and the other, at the mountain hilltop.

The hilltop clubhouse will be located at the highest point of the property, and shall house the amenities of the resort.

The visitor is welcomed at the lobby and concierge area …and proceeds to the terrace, bar and restaurants.

At the pool area there is another bar & restaurant the spa, a gym and the arts pavilion are found there the entrances, like those in Santorini, become portals to the sea and the sky these respond to the site’s topography allowing the visitors breathtaking views.

The clusters are arranged around a concept of interior patios.

Terraces, both roofed and open, with a pool-whirlpool will be provided for each home with an infinity edge opening to the view the designs will encompass sustainability concepts.

With the goal to certify the project as a LEED development (Leader in Energy and Environmental Design), concepts of natural lighting, cross ventilation, large roof overhangs, wall and roof insulation, solar energy provisions and green roofs will be incorporated into the villa’s design

  • Location: Patillas, Puerto Rico
  • Year: Design Started in 2009